The Orchard Sessions

September 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hey all!  Beyond delighted to be sharing a peek into the fun we had at the orchard sessions last week!  That evening?  Perfection.  The weather could not have been better.  The faces could not have been sweeter.  The lender of the truck could not have been more fabulous.  Driving home that night, my heart was so so full.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a great evening.  You are all just the best kind of people.




Love the unplanned shot below...dads teach us how to do all kinds of things, including chomping into apples with all of our almost two year old might.  #likeaboss Snuggly moments are the best to photograph.

So much cuteness.  I couldn't get over Bennett's curls.​




One of my favs of Inna and her little man Lucas.  Sunflare for the win. And isn't Sophia just stunning? 

Love the one below of Nick & Inna!  Marriage is good.  Proof below.



How precious are Jaxson and Kaden?  I won't tell you how long Kaden had to work on picking the particular apple we told him to pick for this photo, but it evoked giggles and that's always a win. 




And no, I didn't tell Gianna to balance an apple on her head, but it was too adorable not to photograph. Put them inside a truck and all kinds of pretend scenarios will arise.  Adventures will commence.  Fun will be had.

Fun little tidbit for you:  The evening of the session just happened to be 16 years to the day that Oscar and Jeanine first met.  Their September 22nd of 1999 was one of those days that started out ordinary, but took a dramatic, life-altering sort of upturn.  Don't you love a good plot twist when you're least expecting it?  I'm pretty sure God does.  It's a great story.  If you know Jeanine, pull her aside sometime and beg her to tell you their story.  It will be time well spent!



So you guys remember The Truck Story right?  If you don't, go read it.  You need to hear about how this beautiful little gem of a bright red truck found it's way to our photo shoot.  This is Daryl - the chap we stalked across town because we'd fallen in love with his truck.

This is him and his sweet wife Kathi.  I can't even tell you how much their presence blessed me that evening.  These are two people with busy lives who took the time out of their schedules to come and share their truck with us that evening, and I can't get over how generous and big-hearted they are.  I have lots of favorites from the session that night, but this one might be the one I love the most.  I can't look at this picture without feeling so blessed.  Have I mentioned that people are wonderful?  Because they are.  Daryl and Kathi were a living, breathing reminder that this world is a really great place to be.  You guys are amazing.  Thank you again for spending the evening with us.  It meant more than you know.

One more thing.  It needs to be said.  My sweet friend Tonya styled this session for me.  She did SO much work to pull these sessions together.  She chased props down (although not quite as literally as I did with my little truck escapade!), pinned ideas, made calls, bought last minute gifts, entertained kids while I photographed their parents, constantly rearranged the set to make my shots better, wrote thank you notes, and saw to so many details.  She is AMAZING.  I can't imagine what a mess it would have been without her help.  And she's just plain fun to work with.  Tonya, thank you.  You're a boss, and I pretty much adore you.  So excited that we get to do this two more times this week!  


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