Contact Info

Hey there! I'm Deborah. Deborah Grace, actually, but no one calls me that on a regular basis, except for my husband when I've done something that he finds especially appalling and it warrants pulling out the second name. I digress. Back to photography, and the reason I do what I do. I love people, and I love art. I love photography because it gives me the opportunity to live out two of the things I'm most passionate about: creativity and relationships. I love meeting new people, and getting to know what makes them tick and brings them alive. Creativity flows naturally out of my desire to simply show others the life and beauty I see within them.  I call Columbus, Ohio my home, but traveling is one of my love languages so feel free to reach out for pricing and travel information.

I specialize in natural light photography with an emphasis on real moments that genuinely reflect you. I love the perspective of life through a lens, and it is truly my joy to show you how beautiful you are. I look for unique images that capture the essence of every session I photograph. I consider every session I undertake an honor, and I hope to see you through my lens soon.