Hey there.  I'd like to introduce you to an idea for your senior portrait session.  *drumroll please*

You.  Yep.  Y.O.U.

I specialize in listening for the heartbeat of what makes you who you are, and then turning what I learn into a portrait session that reflects your unique style and personality.  Prior to your session, we'll meet over a good frappuccino to discover, develop, and style a session that is 100% you.  I adore adding props and fun elements from your everyday life as a means of conveying and expressing your hobbies and passions.  We'll talk about what makes your day, what drives you insane, and even what station your car radio is turned to.  Yep...radio station matters.

Natural light is the name of my game, so all of my sessions are done on location.  You get to be creative and original when selecting the site for your very own photo adventure.

Contact me HERE for session pricing and availability.  

Can't wait to meet you.