Hey friends!

I am beyond excited to be hosting mini sessions this fall!  These sessions were planned with love JUST. FOR. YOU.  

I’ve done fall family sessions year after year, and this year, I decided to get really intentional about it.  I wanted to create sessions that would be everything my clients wanted without all of the hassle.  These sessions are going to be FAST, FUN, BEAUTIFUL, and with a LESS IS MORE mentality.  
FAST - 25 minutes to be precise.  Whether your children are two or in their twenties, they will appreciate speed. Adults do best within the first twenty to thirty minutes of being in front of the camera.  And if you’ve had kids, you already know that their threshold for photos is short, so let’s embrace that reality and roll with it instead of dragging it out.
FUN - Stiff and overly formal photos make my skin crawl.  I like real.  I like fun.  I love the way your five year old is mischief personified, and routinely has you all in stitches.  I will pose you, but know that this is less about perfection than it is about capturing who you are as a family.  I love the moments have authenticity oozing from them.  I’m all about rolling with the moment and creating photos from a place of inspiration rather than fitting you into a stuffy mold.
BEAUTIFUL - Most of my clients love the idea of having a gorgeous and creative session with fun props to set the stage for a great photo.  But rounding those props up and setting that stage takes a lot of energy…more than a mom of three with a billion other responsibilities on her plate has.  That’s why we decided to style these sessions.  We know you don’t have the time or the energy to round up all of the perfect props, even though you’d like to, so we did it for you.
LESS IS MORE - I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that they don’t needs a hundred photos.  They just need a few.  One for the Christmas card.  Maybe a few for the wall.  And they’re right.  Sometimes less is definitely more.  That’s why you won’t get a hundred photos.  You’ll have between 20-30 images to choose from in your final gallery.  Out of those, you get to pick 12 to download free.




  •  25 minute session

My motto for these sessions is FAST & FUN.  Whether your kids are two or twenty-five, they'll appreciate a session that moves quickly.

  • 20-30 final images​

Twenty to thirty final images will be viewable in an online gallery two-four weeks after the session date.​

  • Digital File Download of 12 Favorites

Out of the twenty to thirty final images, you can pick your favorite twelve photographs, and you will receive a link to download those twelve digital files.  The files come with a print release for up to 8x10 size.  You are welcome to use them for Christmas cards, photo books, and any other photo products of your choice up to 8x10 size.  To receive the FULL gallery of all twenty to thirty images you can purchase the full gallery for an additional $50.



Monday, October 12th 

(rain date Tuesday, October 13th)

Whetstone Park of Roses

(Columbus, Ohio)


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