​Something I've come to realize over the last few years as I've photographed weddings is what a privilege it is to witness such incredible love stories.  That's why I do what I do.


They inspire me.


...hearing Lori glow about how Kevin proposed to her on the dock.

...the shy way that Ben and Janae talked about meeting at music camp.

...watching as Cody's heart nearly exploded when he saw Lauren in her dress.

...the way Nathan had the entire bridal party in stitches proving that he could dip Alisha lower.

...Jason and Mallory's passion for coffee, each other, and great music.  Not in that order.

...Tyler and Elizabeth, and the way even when everyone else joined them on the dance floor, they still only had eyes for each other.

...the tears when Krista's mother saw in her dress for the first time.

...that look Matt always got in his eyes when he looked at Kendra.

...watching as Bethany wiped away tears when her through-thick-and-thin people, her cousins, sang to her and her groom on their wedding day...and knowing there was so much more than words and notes in the air at that moment. 

...Jeremiah and Desiree promising each other a lifetime with their whole hearts and then some.

...wondering how in the world Josh and Karrie could be more crazy perfect for each other...like puzzle pieces, those two.


I'll say it again.

Your stories?  They inspire my sox off.  

They make me laugh, cry, hope for the best, dream bigger.  Your stories remind how beautiful life is.  They speak to me of the extravagant generosity of God.

The truth is that I always walk away from your stories feeling like the lucky one.

Because I am.  Because seeing the way God brings people to this place of saying yes to Him and each other is never short of miraculous.  So yes, I'm the lucky one who is privileged to document the evidence of God's goodness with the click of my shutter.  Witnessing your stories with my lens is an honor that I can never seem to get over, nor do I want to.


All that to say...