DG Photography | Jonathan & Tammie's Midwest Lakeside Wedding

Jonathan & Tammie's Midwest Lakeside Wedding

June 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

Jon & Tammie tied the knot just a little over two weeks ago and I'm beyond thrilled to be sharing this little peek into their special day!  Jon and Tammie are both from the midwest with only an hour and a half drive separating them.  However, as fate would have it, they first met one another in faraway Thailand.  Go figure, eh?  Though they met in Thailand, it was several years before their casual acquaintance morphed into a serious relationship.  They started dating and though I'm sure they'd be the first to tell you things weren't perfect, Tammie expressed how completely different Jon was from anyone she'd ever met.  This relationship was simply RIGHT, and it led them to this wonderful Friday evening in June when they promised to love each other for a lifetime.  Enjoy this little stroll through the memories of their day! Tammie chose a romantic color palette of light blue with soft pastel pink accents. Getting ready...

 First Look! Crushing on this lovely bouquet by Root Design Company!
Tammie, you are just so very lovely! How cute are they?! Floral Confession:  As a general rule, I'm a lover of color in bouquets, but these bridesmaids' arrangements made a strong case for all white florals with greenery.  Stunning!  I LOVED them! Love the shot above.  I usually photograph this floral/shoe/dress detail shot a tiny bit wide and then crop it in post-processing to just showcase the details, but I couldn't resist leaving this one a little wider to keep Tammie and her two sisters' expressions (on either side of her).  Felt like a classic sister humor moment and who doesn't love those?! ;)
One of the things that came up repeatedly during speech time at the reception was how gifted Tammie is at relating to children, which deepened my appreciation for this moment that had happened earlier in the day.
Jon keeps Tammie laughing...as you can see...
 CLASSIC...and too funny not to share. ;p Sunset...
At dusk, Jon and Tammie headed out on...*wait for it*
...a BOAT!!!
Jon and Tammie, congratulations!  I was so honored to photograph your day!


2ND PHOTOGRAPHER | Tiffany Reiff Photo + Design

FLORAL DESIGN | Root Design Company

VIDEOGRAPHY | 714 Media Productions



Everything is so insanely perfect! You nailed the shots! Loooooove.
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