DG Photography | Richy & Alyson's Wedding Celebration | The Pinnacle | Grove City, Ohio

Richy & Alyson's Wedding Celebration | The Pinnacle | Grove City, Ohio

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Oh, guys...I'm just beyond excited to share this stunner of a wedding with you today.  Richy and Alyson's day was lovely in every sense of the word, from every thoughtful detail that Alyson had meticulously seen to in advance, to the moment when they were standing in front of one another doing their best to hold their emotions in check in front of their friends and families as they promised each other a lifetime of unconditional love.  Lovely - all of it!

Alyson and Richy chose The Pinnacle in Grove City, Ohio as the backdrop for their wedding celebration...and what a lovely canvas this venue is for a wedding day! Alyson's long time friend Chen was her *man* of honor! Alyson gifted her bridesmaids with these cute robes! Alyson's mother helped her into her dress... Alyson was an absolute vision in her stunning gown from White of Dublin.
HOW FUN is this bridesmaid (+ man of honor) reveal?!   Love this shot of Alyson!

Toasting to the groom! (...yes, in case you were wondering, I'm shamelessly digging classic black and white vibes for groomsmen photos.)

Alyson surprised Richy with this beautiful watch.

Oh, you know, just Richy casually killing it during his groom portraits...NBD. Can we just take a moment to note that Alyson created this beautiful calligraphy welcome sign herself?!  Told ya this bride saw to every single detail. ;) The big moment... During vows...easily my favorite moment of the day.  I love it so much, and it reminds me of how Richy proposed.  He'd had the ring for a few weeks, but one day they were in the middle of an argument and I love that instead of planning this big Pinterest-perfect proposal, he did something much more courageous, meaningful and significant:  

He moved towards Alyson while they were in the middle of a disagreement...and proposed right in the middle of what felt like a relational mess.  Isn't that exceptional, and doesn't that say something incredible about the love they share?  It's easy to extend love when we agree with others.  It is much harder to commit to keeping your heart open to connection with someone when you disagree with them.  ...and he did, and they are, and instead of proposing when everything was perfect, he proposed when it wasn't.  I love that so much because it means that they know love isn't always easy, and they are ready to love each other through the hard moments, and it makes THIS moment, the one where they vowed each other forever, deeply powerful.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Zhelezny!
First dance as Mr. & Mrs. Congrats Richy and Alyson!  It was such an honor to witness your day!


VENUE | The Pinnacle Golf Club

FLORAL DESIGN | Madison House Designs

CAKE | Cakes by Cecile

HAIR & MAKEUP | Madison Mikl

VIDEOGRAPHY | Andrew E. Weber


BRIDAL BOUTIQUE | White of Dublin

DJ | Josh Staley Productions



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