DG Photography | Jordan & Elizabeth | New York City Wedding Portraits | Brooklyn Bridge Park & Jane's Carousel

Jordan & Elizabeth | New York City Wedding Portraits | Brooklyn Bridge Park & Jane's Carousel

July 19, 2017  •  1 Comment

Oh guys.  To say I have been excited to share this set of portraits with you would be a understatement of epic proportions!  Shooting in NYC was a dream come true, and to do be able to photograph not just any couple, but two people who are so very special to my heart made this gift feel completely over the top.  Have I mentioned lately that God is just appallingly generous?  I get all teary and humbled and in-a-puddle thinking about it.  Without further ado, check out two of my favorite humans in all of their stunningness below.  (...and yes, I just made up the word "stunningness") These photographs were made the day after Jordan & Elizabeth’s wedding.  Because of the location of their venue in Long Island and their wedding day schedule, there was no way to get portraits at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the actual day of their nuptials, so we met the following evening about an hour before sunset.  The Brooklyn Bridge Park area holds so many of their significant memories, from sitting on the rocks by the water and chatting when they were first getting to know each other to Jordan’s epic sunset proposal.  It would have been so wrong not to come back to their little spot in the city, and I'm SO glad they made the effort for these portraits!  

"Just Married" looks awfully good on these two. 
Obsessed with the back of Elizabeth's dress!
You just can't beat a classic, black-tie vibe for groom portraits.  New fav! ...and Elizabeth killed it (as per usual)!  The camera loves this girl.
Love this one! *little photographer sidenote* While I had initially been hoping for traditional pretty sunset photos, I think God just understood what we really needed and gave us something better – overcast skies and a bit of fog.  I LOVE the hazy look of fog in portraits.  I’d been to this spot two years before on a weekend evening at sunset and this area looked nothing like it did the night we did Jordan & Elizabeth’s photos.  It was packed with people hanging out and wandering the boardwalk (which is a photographer’s nightmare when you’re trying to shoot for location).  I remember trying to get one photo that evening without random strangers in the backround and it was a challenge.  The overcast skies and mostly empty boardwalk were a gift straight from Jesus.  The perfect fog hovering just above the city skyline without obscuring it was Him just showing off. ;)
...the real them! ;p  Adore these two!
Night photos, I like you.  We should hang out more often.
Lady Liberty in the distance... Love the sentimentality of the shot above.  Jordan and Elizabeth had the coolest first dance and this was one of the moves from it.  It was Jordan's idea to do the pose and I love how it turned out. ...sooooo, I knew there was NO way I was going to be able to fit all of their wedding day photos AND these portraits into one blog post because blog size restrictions (boo!), so their WEDDING DAY blog post is still coming!  Until then, if you dig wedding day slideshows I highly recommend you check theirs out here!  


P.S. BIG thank you to Rachel of C&R Creative Studios for second shooting their wedding day with me!  


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Absolutely stunning photos! I hope they have lots of wall space in their house; some of these pics are jus begging to be blown up big on canvas, definitely amazing!
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