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Tuscany Hall | Culpeper Virginia Wedding | Jamie & Audrey

December 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

Guys, I have been so very excited to share this love story with you ever since I photographed it a few weeks ago.  Jamie and Audrey said their "I do's" on a sunny autumn day in Culpeper, Virginia.  Their day was full of joy.  I know that sounds cliche - isn't every wedding full of joy?  Probably, but I think there was something special about the joy of their day because they've been through so much over the past year and a half.  Audrey lost her father very suddenly, a little over a year ago.  Her father's sudden passing left her family devastated, clinging more tightly than ever to their faith, and to one another. There is a promise that those who sow in tears will reap in joy.  Let's not pretend they are done sowing in tears, because it's only been a year.  I'm not sure the grief of loss ever really truly is gone this side of heaven.  But I did learn something at Jamie and Audrey's wedding:

Joy and grief can play in the heart like a poignant harmony, absolutely unique and exquisitely lovely.

No one wants loss.  Grief is a note we all hope our hearts never have to play.  This wedding though...it taught me what an incredible song can be played when people allow joy to meet them in the middle of loss and to hold it all, to accept it all - the joy and the grief - and simply live each day with an open heart and let the melody that plays, play.  That's what Jamie and Audrey have done.  That's what they did on their wedding day.  And it was one of the loveliest things I've seen.  

Congratulations, you two.  I was so honored to witness your day.  The love you share is nothing short of incredible.  

This was a locket that Audrey's father had given to her for Valentine's Day when she was seventeen.  It was obvious that Audrey was quite the beloved friend, sister, sister-in-law. 

The buttoning up of wedding dresses is no joke, so when the last button was done up, there was a celebratory shout!  Pinning on her veil...
The locket from her dad was fastened to her bouquet.  It was a beautiful moment, but let's no pretend it wasn't hard.  It was.

Jamie gave Audrey a letter and surprised her with a stunning bracelet.   

I love these shots of Audrey on the front porch.  This is their front porch.  This is the farmhouse they're living in, and I love the sentimentality of Audrey having portraits of her on her own front porch. First look.  Jamie's excitement was almost uncontained. Such a fun moment!

Sweet friends of theirs gifted Jamie and Audrey a limo to chauffeur them around for the day!  Ceremony...
Audrey's oldest brother Eric gave her away for the family.  Jamie adores this girl.  Love the shot below, because he's wearing it in his eyes.
...and they're off to their reception! The bride and groom arrived at Tuscany Hall to join their guests for an evening of celebration shortly after the sun had set.

Yup.  Best day ever about covers it.

First dance.  Jamie lost his father when he was quite young, so they had set up a beautiful memorial to remember their father's on their special day.  It was a splendidly fun evening, full of laughter.  Audrey's nieces surprised her with a poem that sent everyone into gales of laughter.

The evening came to a close when the bride and groom were farewelled by their sparkler-bearing guests. 

...and so their story began!


P.S.  I had SO many photographs I wanted to blog from this wedding, but couldn't fit them all into a single blogpost.  If you'd like to see a slideshow of more photos from their day, you can view that HERE.


Sherri Miller(non-registered)
Wow! Great pics, Deborah!
And Audrey, your wedding was gorgeous!!!
Not gonna lie-I may have teared up a few times! I love your family! Always have, always will.
But the way that you guys have kept your hearts wide open the last very hard year has made me love and respect you guys even more!
<3 <3
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