DG Photography | Kaitlyn | Senior | Class of 2016

Kaitlyn | Senior | Class of 2016

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Kaitlyn!  This girl is a beautiful, blonde haired whirl of energy.  Taking her senior photos was truly a joy.  She is fun, spontaneous, and full of life.  Enjoy this little peek into her session! Kaitlyn is a senior at Tree of Life.  She loves sports so soccer, softball, and cheerleading are a few of the ways she channels her energy.

Your are stunning, Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn brought an umbrella to her session as a prop - she wanted a few shots with it just for fun. As it turned out, the umbrella ended up being a necessity.  At first it just sprinkled a little... ...but then the rain picked up... ...and then it turned into a deluge! Kaitlyn rolled with it like a pro and I love how these photos turned out.  So often life doesn't hand us what we expect or even want.  Kaitlyn was hoping for sunshine that night and instead she got rain, but she didn't complain.  She rolled with it, and her photos turned out unlike any other senior session I've shot before.    It's raining in more than Kaitlyn's photos right now.  It's raining in her life.  Her mom was recently diagnosed with cancer, and their bright skies have become overcast.  There is nothing easy about the road they're all walking these days.  I know it's a bit indulgent, but I look at these photos of Kaitlyn and I feel hope for beauty in the midst of all of the difficulty raining down on them.  No one picks a rainy day for a photo shoot.  No one picks cancer.  They are different things altogether, but maybe if there can be incredible, unique beauty in a rainy photoshoot there can be incredible, unique beauty in a rainy season of life? This girl knows what to do with rain.  You don't let it steal your joy, your spark, your spirit, your courage.

Our willingness to step out into the deluge and turn our faces upward can open our hearts to receiving good gifts in the middle of all of the craziness. Kaitlyn, you are lovely.  You are bold and brave and strong and beautiful.  You are all of the things.  Don't lose heart when the raindrops hit hard.  God is making something really beautiful out of you.



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