DG Photography | Jordan & Elizabeth | 1950's Vintage Diner Engagement

Jordan & Elizabeth | 1950's Vintage Diner Engagement

November 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Can we talk about Jordan & Elizabeth for a quick second?  Because Jordan and Elizabeth are some of my favorite people, and talking about them is all kinds of fun.  I honestly don't remember when I first met Jordan...only that I got to know him a bit better because him and my husband Pete hit it off while they were both living in New York City back in 2009.  Pete moved back to Ohio, married yours truly, and his friendship with Jordan was something he would mention with sentimentality every now and then when something would remind him of some crazy adventure or stunt he and Jordan had pulled.  Last year, Pete and I trotted up to NYC for a weekend.  Pete had contacted Jordan to see if he'd be in town, and that's when we got to meet Elizabeth for the first time.  In two days flat, we fell almost as in love with her and her daughter Vanessa as Jordan clearly was.  Elizabeth is the kind of person who is good, kind, humble, and genuine...and she has this way of being all of those things while still calling things as she sees them.  I kind of love that about her.  Her and Jordan are a brilliant balance to each other.

A few months ago, Pete got a text from Jordan one evening: "She said yes!"  Jordan had *finally* proposed in one of their favorite spots in New York City, and even arranged to have one of their friends photograph it for them (nice move, Jordan ;).  Since they'd already been planning to visit us in Columbus, it was the perfect opportunity to photograph their engagement session. As always, we had a grand time with them, and taking their engagement photos was no exception.  Enjoy this little peek into their love story!

I often recommend that couples do two outfits for their engagement session.  For their second outfit, Jordan and Elizabeth opted for a vintage look and it was so. much. fun. to photograph!

  I'm not sure how dancing on the bridge started, but it did, and I love how these photos depict their relationship...fun, spontaneous, and a little goofy.
Next stop: diner.  Because finishing out the evening with a milkshake was a must. ;)
I love this last series of photos.  Technically, I had told them we were "done" shooting, so they were goofing off and these are some of my favorites...because it's real and ridiculous and wonderful and you can feel how much fun these two have together.    Guys...I can. not. wait. for your big day next year!  It's been such a privilege to witness your story! 


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